Lord Ganesha Anushthan

Lord Ganesha Anushthan Value: 35001

Lord Ganesha Anushthan

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated as the birth of Lord Ganesha by Hindus all over the world. Hindu month of Bhadra marks the arrival of Lord Ganesha. It fall on August 25, 2017 (Friday) and ends on anant chaturdashi september 05, 2017. The festival is celebrated with full enthusiasm in state of Maharashtra and lasts for 10 days. The celebration ends on the day of Ananta Chaturdashi. The idols of Lord Ganesha varying from half an inch to 25 feet are being constructed for this occasion. The god is placed on a raised platform and the surroundings are decorated. The festival is being celebrated with lots of colors, worshipping and daily Prayer, Puja, Mantras Recitation and Homam. The Puja takes places by chanting of Mantras by Pandit that invokes life and soul in the idol of Lord Ganesha by chanting mantras. The new born Lord Ganesha is greeted in 16 different ways of tribute are being paid to the idol. Modaks or ladoos are considered to be the favorite sweet of Lord Ganesha. On 11th day, the idol is carried from the streets with lots of celebration and enthusiasm and is submerged into sea asking Lord Ganesha to visit them next year again.

The right way of celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi at home is to meditate and memorize the stories related to lord Ganesha. Take bath and visit temple. Offer sweet flowers to Lord Ganesha. Have an image of Lord Ganesha in your house to feel his presence.

People belief that Ganesha comes every year with lots happiness and prosperity and goes after removing all the sufferings. Devotees do variety of preparations at this festival to make Ganesha happy. This is celebrated as the birth anniversary of the Ganesha to welcome and honour Him. Worshipping Ganesha is of great importance in Hinduism. It is believed that one who worships Him with complete devotion and faith would be blessed with happiness, knowledge, wealth and long life.

Procedure of Lord Ganesha Maha Anushthan 

Place the photo of Lord Ganesha on the clean cloth.
Offer your prayings to him and recite mantras.
Perform the aarti and light the lamp.
You can even perform the Shhodashopachara, where a tribute is paid to Ganesha in 16 forms.
Offer 21 blades of Druva Grass and red flowers to Ganesha.
Apply a tilak using red sandalwood paste.
Break the coconut into two pieces and place it end-to-end with the idol.
Ganesha is worshiped for 10 days and the same procedure would be apply for continuous 10 days. 

Lord Ganesha Maha Anushthan Benefits:

Protects you from Harmful Things.
Vanquish your Enemies.
Empowers you with Positivity.
Relives you from unintended Worries and Sufferings.
Accelerate your Career and Business Growth.
Heal Health Complications.
Prevent Accidents.
Give tremendous effects on the Mind, Body and Soul.
It helps attain spiritual Wisdom and Knowledge to get the blessings from Lord Ganesha.

The following Items will be kept on the altar during this Anushthan and send to you afterwards as prasadam:

Ganesh Yantra
Puja Japa mala of Rudraksha 
Prasad which include Roli, Moli and Homam Vibhuti

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