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Navratri or “nine nights” is the celebration of Goddess Durga. She is considered to be the most powerful of all the Goddesses. Goddess Durga is considered to be the power or Shakti behind every creation, preservation and destruction in this universe.

Navratras are being observed to feel the power, blessings of our mother Durga and we humans are her children. Goddess Durga is considered to be our mother imparting us with all the energy, strength and courage to face tough situations.

There is an interesting reason behind celebrating this festival for 9 days. The first three days mark the purification of our soul and destroying our evil. This role is played by Goddess Durga. The next three days are being played by Goddess Lakshmi which showers her blessing in the form of wealth. The final three days mark the worship of Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of wisdom.

The Navratras are being celebrated twice a year. This is done so to maintain the balance in nature and its power. Also one should celebrate this festivals for 9 days and observe fast to thank Goddess for giving them life and blessing them with all the happiness. The Vedas too talk about the power of Goddess Durga or Shakti. This puja brings happiness, prosperity and wealth in our life.

Rules to be followed during this Navratri – Do’s & Don’ts

●    In the Navratri Puja, first of all, after taking a bath in the morning, Ghat establishment is done.  
●    During Navratri, the mother is worshiped without informing anyone.  It is mandatory to worship the mother both in the morning and in the evening.
●    After that the puja is started.  In the morning and evening worship of Navratri, Batashe is offered to Mother Durga.  
●    Purify the entire worship place by sprinkling water.
●    During the worship, all the items of makeup are offered to the mother.  
●    Recite Durga Saptashati in the worship of both the times
●    Keep your diet and eat simple food for the whole nine days.
●    After Durga Puja on Ashtami or Navami, worship nine girls
●     After worshiping Durga on the last day, do Ghat immersion 
●    Chant Om du Durgayi Namah while worshiping the mother.
●    Do not use steel or iron urn in worship even by mistake.  
●    If you are also fasting or worshiping Navratri, then try and sleep on the ground.
●    Don't think bad of anyone.
●    Do not eat non vegetarian food.
●    Do not worship with the aim of harming anyone.
●    Do not eat garlic and onion by mistake.
●    Do not get angry.
●    It is also considered that black clothes should be avoided during Navratri.
●    It is also regarded that people having serious health issues and women those are pregnant should avoid this strict fast.

First Day (Pratipada): Worship Goddess Shailputri – Devi Shailputri is a daughter of Himalaya. She is best known to be the goddess of inspiration and nature. Navratri Puja begins with the puja of Goddess Shailputri. 

Second Day (Dwitiya): Worship Goddess Brahmacharini – Devi Brahmacharini is the second modification of Maa Durga who is worshipped on the second day of Navratri. Here the word “Brahm” Refer to Tapa or penance. 

Third Day (Tritiya): Worship Goddess Chandraghanta – The third manifestation of Goddess Durga is Goddess Chandraghanta. Those who worship Devi Chandraghanta on the third day of Navratri are blessed with eternal and everlasting happiness.

Fourth Day (Chaturthi): Worship Goddess Kushmanda -Devi Kushmanda is the fourth avatar of Goddess Durga, is worshipped on the 4th day of Navratri. She lives in the core of the sun (Surya). It is her splendor that diffuses creature and every plant of this universe.

Fifth Day (Panchami): Worship Goddess Skandamata – The Fifth day of Navratri is dedicated to Devi Skandamata. When the Goddess Parvati became mother of “Kartikeya”. Her Son Kartikeya is also known as Skanda. Thus she is known as Skandamata.

Sixth Day (Shashthi): Worship Goddess Katyayani – The 6th of the day of Navratri festival is dedicated to Devi Katyayani. In this form of Shakti 4 arms, she has shield, a sword, and lotus and fourth hand is in blessing gesture. 

Seventh Day (Saptami): Worship Goddess Kalratri – The 7th day of Navratri is dedicated to Devi Kalratri. Here kal mean time and death and Kalratri means the one who is the death of Kaal. In this form of Shakti posses 4 armed.

Eighth Day (Ashtami): Worship Goddess Maha Gauri – The 8th day of Navratri is dedicated to Maa Maha Gauri. The 8th incarnation of Maa Durga. In this form of Shakti posses 4 armed. She has Damaru in the left hand and varada mundra in another left hand. 

Ninth Day (Navami): Worship Goddess Siddhidatri – Devi Siddhidatri is worshipped on the 9th day of Navratri. Devi Siddhidatri grants her devotee all sorts of achievements and is capable of giving all sorts of occult power. 

Benefits of Navratri (9 Days) Puja-
●  Remove the obstacles from the way of success and career.
●  Get financial benefit and profit.
●  Relief from ill health.
●  Boon for long life.
●  Find a loving partner.
●  Success in all your endeavors.
●  Improve marital relationship and harmony in the family front.
●  Brings peace and calmness.
●  Spiritual and materialistic blessings.

(EMI Options are also available on Indian Credit Cards)

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