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Perform pujas on upcoming festivals

Perform pujas and yagnas on upcoming festivals with purohits.

Simha Sakranti

Simha Sakranti, also known as Simha Sankranti or Singh Sankranti, is a Hindu festival that marks the transition of th

16 August 2024 Read More

Pradosh Vrat

Pradosh Vrat (Pradosham) is the auspicious day and dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Par

30 July 2024 Read More

Masik Durgashtami

Masik Durgashtami is celebrated every month with faith and sincerity. The purpose of Obser

14 July 2024 Read More
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Special online Puja and Hawan services for : is trusted name in India having a group of world renowned purohits and pandits who perform online pujas and yagnas for you. Get your puja performed in temples and religious places.

Online puja is dedicated to provide all kind of Puja service depending on your needs and requirement. Onlinepuja provide pujas and Homam, Astrology remedies and ritual services. We are performing the Pujas, Homam or haven, Yagya, Anushthan, Mantras recitation and Vrat.

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You can send your prayer to us and our purohits will forward the same to your deity during regular pujas done by on regular intervals at auspicious Muhurats. Do not miss sending your prayer request whenever we update you about next puja.

As a student of Astrology myself, When I consulted the professional help from, they gave me a wide knowledge of the same, that I know the astrology better. 

You are one of the most viable astrologer, whose readings and predictions are accurate and thank you for not being judgemental. 

Thank you for sending the astrology report in 3 days, I was very pleased and impressed the quality of the reports. The analysis is clear and gives a details description of future. 

A while back I had one reading and then another, not to long ago.  These reading were accurate and the remedies that were suggested were absolutely accurate it. 

Thanks so very much. Your readings ring true in me and the information you provide is very, very helpful. Thank you

Suffering from long untreatable ailment, impatient and frustrated selves have made us even more prone to varied sort of ailments. Thank you for your remedial work.

A friend of mine saw your FB post regarding, her problem was solved, and she took the remedy. I did the same. So thank you for your help and advice. 

Your work says a lot Thank you for your attention to details. Your advice is very apt. Thank you once again for remedies.

While driving to work I listened to one of your sessions, it was nice to hear it as it gave me insights and I took the proper precautions and followed the remedies. 

I finally found a website that has been able help me with all my life questions, and able retain my interest in astrology. Thank you,

I was experiencing some difficulties in my work place. I took the advice of the astrologer on and followed the step by step puja they prescribed; now all is fine. 

I am delighted by the services that are provided by the astrologer of They not only provide correct remedies but with meaning analysis of your problems.

I took the advice of for my ill health, and followed their remedies. Iam now not only better but the recovery is fast. Thank you

I followed the remedies that were present on They were not only effective but also very powerful. Thank You

Taking astrological advises has been my habit of mine. I would like to thank for there advise, they are professional help and their guidance.

"I appreciate the good work of had booked puja and anushthan online, it was done as per scheduled. 

"The service has been exceptionally good and I really appreciate the effort put in this initiative!"

I am really happy with the service provided by and I wish them to proceed similarly.

I am blessed to have a happy family. Thanks to onlinePuja for performing right Puja for the well being of my family. 

My Name is Sulochana Venugopal, living in Canada, I am totally amazed! You are so wonderful! Thank you again

My Name is Amarjeet Kaur, living in Canada, Thanks for your piece of advices. Than...

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