Get Your Janampatri (Kundli) delivered at home

Get Your Janampatri (Kundli) delivered at home Value: 2100 / 33

Do you want to get your Janampatri delivered at your home? Onlinepuja is the right platform for you. We will prepare your Jamampatri and send it to your Address.

We will provide the following things with the Janamkundli:

1. Kundli
2. Dosha and Remedies
3. Free Puja subscription for a year
4. Best mantra and puja Suggestion 
5. Donation

Kundli- Kundli or janampatri is the very integral part of Indian tradition and is used almost in every important event of the individual’s life. We have well-learned astrologers who can help you in any of your query regarding your Kundli.

Dosha and Remedies- Any kind of Dosha in your horoscope will be resolved with the appropriate Vedic remedies. These remedies will be provided by us accordingly after studying your chart.

Free Puja subscription for a year- We will be adding your name to all the Pujas that will be performed in our temple for a complete year.

Best Mantra and Puja Suggestion- We will provide you with the Mantras and pujas according to your horoscope or Kundli. These Mantras and Puja will provide you with positive energy.

Donation- You can also donate your valuable money for the purpose such as food offering, donation for children, old age homes and Gau Shalas.

(EMI Options are also available on Indian Credit Cards)

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