Do performing puja or any other kind of rituals really works?

Do performing puja or any other kind of rituals really works?

Puja is an act of showing reverence to God and other aspects of the divine through prayers, chants, Pujas, and rituals. The most vital part of offering puja to a deity is to feel a spiritual connection with the divine power. This contact is facilitated with the help of idols, nature, sculpture, painting or print of the deity.

The Hindu tradition believes in the ultimate unifying force which rules all existence and can’t be known by humans. The Gods and goddesses symbolize the cosmic force. Every Hindu worshipping the deities that they believe may directly influence their life. In puja, the devotee can pray to one or more deity and meditate upon the Gods to make a contact with the divine power. A devotee should pray with a pure heart in order to feel a cosmic unity with God.

What is the Significance of Puja?

Puja is the most common form of divine worship done in Hinduism. The puja or other Vedic rituals can be performed by complete family, groups or individuals. It is also done by the worshipper or through priest on behalf of the worshipper. The main importance of offering puja and other Vedic rituals is done to earn their devotion to earn blessings and love. The act of offering a prayer or other ritual has a symbolic significance as you are baring your mind, body, desires, thoughts, possessions, and actions to God. Devotees surrender and mark their devotion to their respective deity and receive unlimited blessings. Offering Puja is a form of Vedic sacrifice which states a universal appeal and shows the simplicity of life.

Why devotees offer Puja? 

The Vedic rituals mostly revolve around the Gods and hey favour for fulfillment and material gain.

You can get success in court cases or other adversaries and for improvement in professional and personal life. 

You can feel the eternal union with the supreme and feeling a spiritual connection.

The overall Vedic philosophy behind a ritual is to attain Dharma (religion), Artha (Economic prosperity), Kama (sensual pleasures) and Moksha (liberation).

Offering Puja and performing other rituals to deity works wonders if you have complete faith. There are several Pujas and other rituals that can gain you many benefits when done with proper procedure. You can take help from a priest or learned Purohits to guide you or offer the Puja on behalf of you.


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