Does the Remedies help in Love and Marriage?

In Love and marriage every person is wishing for true love and loving partner for their life, but there is rare of people who met with their desire of true love. And if they meet with their true love then it is not necessary that they get their lover for whole life. For this if you wish to get the desire result.

Here are a few astrological remedies for success in love and Marriage

First of all, pray to the almighty with full of dedication and devotion.

If you wish to marry with your love, then pray to your isht dev.

To beget a handsome, loving and caring husband a girl should fast for 16 Mondays.

Worship of Maa Durga and offer a red shawl and pray to her for success in love matters. You will get surely be blessed. Also perform Gauri Shankar puja to get married to the love in your life.

Worship of Lord Shiva that gives success in your life.

Couples should worship of Lord Venus. The Venus is god of love.

Offer water, milk, curd, Honey and Bel-Patra on Shivling every Monday.

These are the some of the remedies that would certainly help you solving the obstacles and make your love marriage possibilities for more possible for you.

You can go for Gauri Shankar Puja on Monday. This puja is the most effective powerful Homam to wipe away blockage and obstacles coming in way of marriage.

Chant the Lord Shiva Mantra “Aum Namah Shivaay”. This mantra will improve your love and marriage.

Perform Maa Katyayani Anushthan This Anushthan will help Enables you a person to find suitable life partner. It’s also removes any sort of Dosha or obstacles that are creating hindrance in marriages. It is Five-day process where in Daily Puja, Prayer, Mantras Recitation, and Homam will be performed.

Perform NavGraha Homam This Homam is done to get all blessings from all the nine graha followed by the chorus sounds of Navgraha Mantras and then done this function by receive the blessings all the nine graha. This Homam will improve your love and marriage.

Offer Prasad to Lord Ganesha Prasad. Prasad plays an important role in rituals and worship, and the food offered to the gods is called prasadam. Ganesh is the remover of obstacles and the provider of wealth, knowledge and prosperity.  It’s also help in Love and marriage prospects.

If you wish to perform any remedies so our well-versed purohit do perform it all on your behalf. 

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