Fight the negative energy in the house with this way

Fight the negative energy in the house with this way

Two types of energy have an influence in your life all the time. These two types of energy in which one positive energy and the other is negative energy. Both these types of energy show their effect on all living things in different ways. Wherever there is positive energy, there is no negative energy and where there is negative energy; there will not be positive energy. The influence of these two types of energy always remains in our home and in the area around us. Today, we will give you information about how you will detect negative energy in your home.

Positive energy and negative energy:
The place in which the work is done keeps the energy generated from that place of work. As if you sit in one place at home and recite it, then that place will always be filled with positive energy. At that place, positive thoughts will arise within you. If you keep your home neat and clean, then positive energy starts circulating there.

If you sit in one place always bring negative thoughts in mind. If you bring bad thoughts, then that place takes up negative power. Whenever you sit in that place in the future, negative thoughts will come in your mind. Negative power flourishes even when there is no cleanliness in the house and there is discord in the family.

Method of detecting negative power at home

Fill a glass of glass with water, now add half a teaspoon black (rock) salt in it. Mix the salt in water and cover the glass over it. Now place this glass in the place in the house where you feel the power of negative energy. Keep the glass in such a way that it is not visible to anyone.

If you want to detect the negative power in the entire house then fill the 4 to 5 glasses of water according to the above method and put it in different places. Now let them keep those glasses in such a way for 24 hours. Inspect all water glasses alternately after 24 hours. If the glass water becomes light yellow then there is a very small amount of negative power at that place.

If the glass water becomes light green or red, then it is understood that negative power is there in that place. And if the water of the glass turns into a dark black color, then this sign seems to be of heavy negative force. If the water of glass does not change its color at all, then there is the habit of positive power at that place.

In this way, you can find out whether or not you have negative power in your home. In this regard, If you wish to overcome these negative powers so you need to do the following Remedies:- 

1.    Offer Ganga Jal in every corner in your house
2.    To burn 2 incense sticks daily in the morning. 
3.    To chant the mantra “OM GAN GANPATYE NAMAH” daily for 108 Times 
4.    Perform Lord Ganesha homam in your house with well-versed Purohit. 

You can also perform Lord Navgraha Puja and homam by our well-versed Purohit. During the puja, we will energizeNavGrahaYantra along with Ganga Jal bottle, Prasadam, etc which you can keep your house and do puja regularly.


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