How to please Lord Vishnu

How to please Lord Vishnu

In the trinity of the Indian Mythology, He is the nurturer of the nature. He is considered to be present in all the mortal beings; he is the Supreme God or Parmeshwar. He is considered as the creator of everything that exists on this earth. His heavenly abode is called as Vaikunth. He resides there with his consort Goddess of wealth and prosperity- Lakshmi; he is one of the principle deities in the tradition of Vaishanism. This abode is for him and Lakshmi ji and other liberated souls who have attained moksha. Vaikunth also called Paramdhama or the resident of God or a place where everyone finds peace and eternal satisfaction called moksha. He lives beyond the space and time continuum.

Manifestation of Lord Vishnu:

Lord Vishnu is Blue in color, Lord Vishnu is described as a blue colored body with four arms. One arm holds Lotus or Padma, a shank in the other hand, a chakra or famous Sudarshan chakra in the third hand and fourth hand holding a Gada. Seated on a Garuda or an Eagle, which represents fearlessness and power.  The Shreevasta mark on his chest is a symbol of his consort Lakshmi ji. He wears two earrings each of the two represents the inherent opposites in the creation- knowledge and Ignorance, Happiness and Unhappiness and pleasure and pain.

Avtar of Lord Vishnu:

Lord Vishnu Bhagwan has 10 avatars famously known as Dash avatars. It is believed that the universe has already witnessed 9 avatars of Lord Vishnu while the tenth avatar also known as Kalki avatar will come in future. Lord Krishna was the eight Vishnu Avatar. Kalki Avatar shall be appearing when the world will end. Lord Buddha, the creator of Buddhism is believed to be an Avtar of Lord Vishnu.  The Hindu mythology says that Vishnu was married to Lakshmi, Saraswati and Ganga. But due to growing differences between the three wives, Vishnu decided to send Ganga to Lord Shiva and Saraswati to lord Brahma.

Materials required for this Lord Vishnu Puja are:

The ‘firni’ a product made by mixing the un- boiled milk, bananas, flour and sugar with other flavours. Place this along with kumkum, Akshath, Haldi powder betel leaves, camphor incense sticks etc.

Place the idol or even the photo of deity, on a red chowki, made for this purpose.

Start with Lord Vishnu Puja and say chant the Vishnu Mantra “Om Namo Narayanaya”.

Flowers and fruits are offered to appease the lord along with the lighting of lamp and incense sticks.

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