If you want to find true love, then follow these simple steps

If you want to find true love, then follow these simple steps

True love is the gift of God. It is said that there is an abode of a true God in a couple who are in true love, so never create a barrier between two lovers. There are very few people who get true love but the number of people who truly love someone but the person in front of them does not love or they love someone else or they can feel your emotion can’t understand the native is deeply shocked by the defeat in love. But it is not possible for everyone to win in love.

Many people do not even know the definition of love. Many people are fascinated by the beauty of a woman or a man and start to understand their desire to get love, while some young people start to understand the attraction towards a girl. There is also a section of the people in the society who start giving love to lust. First of all, you should know that all the above types of love do not meet the definition of true love in any way. Yes, there is attraction in true love, but attraction towards anyone and only is not love.

Love is a small word, but its definition cannot be expressed in a few words. Let us know what true love is: to have feelings towards someone without taking any kind of greed or greed in mind - this is love. If you think that the person you love is the most beautiful in this world, then this is love. There is no attraction or lust for any man or woman other than your lover or girlfriend - this is love. Always be happy to see whoever you want, whether or not you love someone else - this is love.

If you truly love someone, and the person you love is truly in love with someone else, then you should not try hard to achieve it. Even the simple tips given in this post will not be of any use to you. Yes, you truly love someone and for some reason you are not able to express your feelings to him or if he is not able to understand your feelings, then with the simple solution given below you can find your lover or girlfriend. The following simple steps work even when there are disputes between lovers and lovers. The impediment in the marriage of the lover-girlfriend is also overcome by these measures.

Simple ways to find true love: 

1.    Wearing diamond strengthens Venus. And money-love in life is possible with the influence of all Venus. Therefore, wearing diamond gemstone in the finger gives success in love.

2. 6 Mukhi Rudraksha is also related to Venus. True love is also achieved by wearing 6 Mukhi Rudraksha and wearing it around the neck, and sweetness also comes in love relationships.

3.  Go to the temple of Lord Lakshmi and Narayan temple on Thursday morning and take a water coconut - Prasad and 21 rupees. Go to the temple and offer Ardas in front of the idol of God for success in love and offer coconut-Prasad and rupees at the feet of God. In this way, do the same work for 3 consecutive Thursday. You will see its results soon

4. Sit at the place of worship every morning and chant this mantra for 5 to 7 minutes. The mantra is as follows: "OM KLEEM KRISHNAAY GAUPIJANN WALLAHBHAEE SWAHAA": |

5. On Friday morning, going to the temple of Lord Radha-Krishna, You can offer Flute and paan and some Dakshina along with sweets. Do this by 5 consecutive Fridays.

6. Go to the Shiva temple on Monday morning and do the Shivalinga Rudrabhishek methodically and sit in front of some Dev Shivalinga and chant the mantra 'OM NAMAH SHIVAYE

7. If any married woman or man is facing any problem in love affair with her husband or wife, then do this: Write your spouse's name on a lemon and tie it in a cloth and keep it with you for 7 days. In these 7 days, you should chant this mantra every morning: "OM Namo Kamakhya Devayya (Spouse)) Mam Vasya Kuru Kuru Swaha”. After 7 days you throw this lemon at some crossroads. After doing this, your spouse will start respecting you and sweetness will come in your love affairs.

8. If you chant this mantra regularly for 41 days with a resolution, you will get success in love marriage: The mantra is as follows: "OM Shri Lakshmi-Narayanay Namah". There is a mantra of Lord Lakshmi Narayan here, so at the time of chanting the mantra, remember her.

9. By keeping the fast of Lord Shiva on Monday, and offering water in the Shivling, one gets a beautiful and capable life partner. The tradition of fasting for 16 Monday fast has been going on for a long time and by doing so it also gives positive results.

10.  Chant this mantra of Lord Shukra (Venus): "OM DRAM DRIM DRAUM SAH SHUKARAYA NAMAH" chant regularly. Regularly chanting this mantra gives you love pleasure and marital happiness.

Love should be seen as strength and not as weakness. If you truly love someone and want to see it as a life partner in your life, then you can bring happiness in your life by using the above measures. If for some reason, there is no success in love in life, then don't be desperate. It is not possible for everyone to succeed in love, make this love their power and move forward in life. There is a lot in life besides love, so do not destroy your life and future just by falling in love. Understand the value of time. You can perform the above mesaures by our well-versed Priest in temple. You can click the below button and submit your details. 


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