Offer water to Peepal Tree and your all desires will be fulfilled.

Offer water to Peepal Tree and your all desires will be fulfilled.

In life, happiness and misery continue to come from time to time. There is no such person who has never seen life in grief or has never faced difficulties. Sometimes there are some tasks that are not completed at the time of address or any obstacle or obstruction work does not complete. Man has to try only in his hands; his work is to give God its fruit. When failure is done even if you try again and again, then the person becomes desperate. In such a situation, astrological remedy can be very useful. For those who believe in God from time to time, remembering them, we have come here with a solution that, when used in the work of the person's stuck, the work gets stuck, and the desire to start fulfils.

Method of watering Peepal Tree

On the Thursday morning of Shukla-Paksha - Keep a water-container with full of water. Now add some quantity of turmeric in this water, add a little jaggery or sugar, put some gram dal and put some Ganga water.

Take all the above material along with the Peepal tree located in a temple or any old Peepal tree which is worshiped, go to such a Peepal tree. Now, put water in the root of Peepal and gradually pouring the water into the water with both hands. While pouring water in Peepal, you can pronounce this mantra by mouth: Sri Vishnu - Sri Vishnu - Sri Vishnu. After this, after carrying water, plant seven orbits and continued by mouth - Shri Vishnu - Shri Vishnu - Shri Vishnu kept chanting the mantra. After completing the seven orbital journey of the Peepal tree, join hands with Lord Vishnu and complete the work of Aradas and return home.

In this way, you should start this work from any of the Shukla-Paksha on Thursday and keep them continuously till 5th Thursday. Thus, by doing this work for 40 days, you will begin to become your every work by the blessings of Lord Vishnu. After starting this work, a few days after you start getting auspicious signs. Your all the wishes will be fulfilled and we wish you success in your work by the blessings of Lord Vishnu.

You can also perform Lord Vishnu Puja and Homam by our well-versed and experienced priest in temple. You can book your puja. 


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