Puja for Marriage

Puja for Marriage

Puja for marriage or marriage ceremony is one of the most important events of one's life. This is indicative of transitional phase from Brahmacharayashram to Grihasthashramam. Vivah ceremony serves as an invitation to many gods and goddesses and performs various rituals to bless the couple. Hindu marriages are called marriages and marriage ceremonies are called marriage ceremonies. In Hinduism a marriage ceremony is considered as a sacrament because in Vedic tradition it is a significant turning point in the life of a householder and in the destiny of the soul, which relies on marriage for their return on earth.

In Hinduism, the importance of marriage is very important because of the obligatory duty of human beings on earth for marriage, to continue family lineage, to ensure the service of the ancestors and God and to ensure the regularity of the order.

Wedding ceremony

Rituals associated with Hindu marriage differ from region to region and caste. However, there are some rituals which are common to most marriages. Hindu wedding rituals can be broadly classified in pre-marriage rituals, wedding rituals and post-marriage rituals. Marriage is the first rite in the life of a householder. After this, other people like child conception; child birth etc. will be there.

In the earlier rituals of marriage, for the convenience of the meeting between the bride and groom, usually formal wedding ceremonies of both sides are included in the place of the bride. Once they give their mutual consent, then the parents proceed with other arrangements, such as fixing the date of marriage, writing a formal announcement of marriage marriage, choosing a marriage hall, selecting guest lists Finalizing, printing of invitation cards, exchange of gifts, and a formal about the responsibilities of dowry and duties and both sides during the marriage ceremony, etc. Reaching agreement


There is no standard Hindu wedding ceremony. Regional diversity and elasticity are very popular in rituals. Diversity can be based on family traditions, local traditions, resources of married families, and other factors. Some major rituals are done in different areas in different ways.

Some major rituals are common in Hindu wedding ceremonies. Here are:

Kanyadan - Departing daughter to father.

Panigrahaan - A ritual in the presence of fire, where the bride takes the bride's hand as a sign of her union.

Saptapadi - is the most important ritual. This is called the seven stage rituals, where each stage matches the bride and the fast makes the bride. Votes are pronounced in Sanskrit for long or short, sometimes in the language of bridegroom and bride. In many weddings, the sapta is near a fire; After giving seven oaths to each other, the bride and groom perform the ritual of Agneepadakshinam - walk around the fire, together with their clothes tied together. The groom usually leads the bride in the walk. Agni is a form of Yajna - a Vedic ritual where fire is divine witness (for marriage). After Saptapadi, the couple is considered to be husband and wife.

Benefit of Puja for Marriage

1. To get pleasant, harmonious and successful married life.
2. Remove obstacles.
3. Improve overall health.
4. Beautify beauty and married life.

Signification of puja for marriage

1. Eliminate the obstacles that are delaying the marriage
2. Get your positivity and help keep your current relationship
3. In your relationship prevents debate and quarrel.
4. Protects you from bad energies and brings peace of mind.
5. Avoid delay in marriage due to obstacles in love life.

You can perform the Gauri Shankar Puja, Lord Shiva puja, Lord Ganesha puja and Lord Krishna Puja to get early marriage and to marriage with your love. Our well-versed and experience priest can perform these on your behalf. You can click the book now button below to opt the four pujas.


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