Vedic Remedies for Good health

If you are caught up in a disease since long and are unable to find a remedy or even if a family member of yours is facing a health problem, then we are here to tell you some astrological tips for a healthy body. By following these few simple instructions, one can get a sound physical health along with a mental balance. Astrology says that every health problem is linked with a planet in the birth chart. Either the planet is located in a wrong position or it is negatively affected by some other planet.

In Indian astrology and Vastu, a lot of importance is given to the Vedic Remedies for Good health all types of problems. Yagya, Graha Shanti, Poojan, Mantra, Vrata, Tantra, Stones and Yantra Gems are all remedies which were mentioned in Veda, Purana, and Upanishads. The most well known Yagya named 'Ashwamedha Yagya' was performed by Lord Shri Ram after conquering Ravan in the ancient times. This is one of the classic examples from the remedies which were used since ancient times.

There are many planets which are associated with this disease:

Sun- If the position of the Sun is weak in your birth chart, you might face problems related to the stomach, eyes, liver, heart, head skin with a constant fever, neurological problems and unconsciousness

Moon- A weak position of the Moon can lead to asthma, diarrhea, blood problems, problems related to excess or shortage of water, vomiting, diabetes, appendix, kidney problems, cough problem, mouth problems, urinary tract problems, lungs problems mental problems and heart

Mars- Roga Dosha is due to which diseases are caused can exist in the birth chart. One might face problems such as blood problems, skin itching, problems of neck and throat, tumor, cancer, piles, ulcer, dehydration urinary tract problems, and constant fever

Mercury- A person affected by the wrong position of this planet might have to face troubles related to nerves, itching or typhoid, problems in the nose, skin, mental problems, paralysis, epilepsy, skin problems, ulcers, mouth problems, hysteria, dizziness, pneumonia, jaundice, voice defects complex fever and throat problems

Jupiter- It is associated with health problems like the ones related to the ears, kidney, liver, diabetes, weak memory, jaundice, teeth problems and mental problems.

Venus- One can face vision problems, epilepsy, indigestion, urinary tract problems, throat problems, jaundice, impotence are associated with this planet

Saturn- The wrong position of Saturn can become the cause of problems such as weakness, pain in the knees or legs, stomach pain, muscle problems, teeth or skin problems, paralysis, hearing defects, cough and asthma

Rahu- This planet is associated with problems such as measles, weakness, total loss of sanity, cancer, severe pain.

Ketu- Wrong position of this planet can cause improper positioning of this planet, weakness, laziness,  blood problems, allergies and wounds are born

There are a number of Vedic Remedies for Good health which have remained an integral part of our life for a long time and everybody knows about them. These are our traditional Indian customs and rituals which naturally drive us towards the positive side of our life. Innumerable methods are used to improve our self by practicing Yoga, having fast, doing meditation, giving food  or alms of clothes to poor, perform religious activities at home like Yaga, Satsang, Havan and sole aim behind all these is to improve present life as well as to correct our past by doing better and superior 'Karma' or deeds.

Few examples are given below to further explain general remedies:

Recite the following mantra at least 108 times every day for relief from any health problem. This mantra is known as the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra and is an effective cure as also a preventive measure to enjoy perfect health. Maha Mrityunjaya MantraOm Trayambakam Yajamahe, Sugandhim Pushti Vardhanam, Urvarukmiv Bandhanat, Mrityurmokshaya Mamratat

If possible feed food to poor and needy peoples.

Do perform Maha Mrityunjaya Puja as early as possible.

Make the practice of feeding a part of your daily meal to a cow and a stray dog. This will cure you of any illness and keep you healthy.

Offering water to Shiva ji on every Monday must be done.

Offer sindur to Lord Hanuman on every Tuesday and pray to him for good health.

Reading of Sri Durga Sapthasathi paath relieves from all major health problems

Visit Lord Hanuman Temple on Tuesday and do prayer for 11 Tuesday.

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