Vedic Remedies to remove the ill effect of Saade Sati Dosh

As the name suggests, Saade Sati Dosh is 7.5 yrs of the transit of Saturn. The transit is reckoned from Moon sign in the natal chart, but not from lagna. It is probably because Moon represents “Mind” & “Mother” is responsible for birth & upbringing, more than father. ”Mind” is an instrument to identify all that it perceives. Though the mind is the only reflector of all the inputs received from 5 senses namely sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. It is the “Intelligence” which can discriminate & pinpoint the aggregate result of all inputs received by the mind. Hence effects of transits of planets will be sensed by mind & analysis is left to the intelligence.

In Saade Sati Dosh period of transit of Saturn takes approximately about 2.5 yrs in each house. This period is considered to be including of many challenges as per the school of thought and troublesome for another school of thought. Yet another school of thought says that though troubles are faced. Saturn makes one disciplined, hardworking and brings in success and rewards.

This is the period when Saturn refines a person of his thoughts & processes to make the person to meet the challenges of life more confidently for the next 22.5 yrs until next cycle of “Saade Sati Dosh” repeats.

For reducing the bad effects of sade sati from your life you have to do Saturn’s remedies according to the current cycle of Sade Sati and planetary positions of your chart. It is better to do certain remedies from astrologers who are expert in this area. As doing any Saturn remedy without expert advice can cause more problems.

We are mentioning the right remedies to remove the ill effects of Saade Sati Dosh.

Chant the mantra of Lord Shani "OM PRAM PRIM PRAUM SAH SHANAISHARAYA NAMAH" atleast one mala daily.

Burn a lamp of mustard oil under the Peepal tree. After burning the lamp recite the Shani Chalisa.

Donate black items and feed the black dog or cow.

Worship Shani Dev Temples and light the lamp with Mustard oil and burn incense sticks.

You can perform Lord Hanuman Puja. This puja is also performed to appease badly placed Saturn in one’s horoscope.

To get perform Saade Sati Dosh Nivaran Puja please contact us on our website. Our well versed Purohit will perform the puja on your behalf.

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