What can be done to minimize Rahu Dosha in Kundli?

What can be done to minimize Rahu Dosha in Kundli?

Ketu and Rahu are known to be shadow planets having no independent identity. Due to shadowy nature, they act as an emotional level and the traits of the sign and they are posited. There are many instances in which these planets can be favorable. However, if they are in the mahadasha of the horoscope or Kundli, an individual may suffer from malefic effects.

Hindu astrology states that the time of 1 to 1.5 hours between sunrise and sunset is said to Rahu Kaal or bad time. Any type of auspicious work is not done during this time as it will not be successful or bear good results. Any kind of trade or work journey which is happening during this time already will not be affected.   

Rahu moves in retrograde motion and is representative of indulgence. People having Rahu dosha is said to suffer from theft, mental illness, losses, death of family members and legal hassles. People with Rahu dosha in their kundli can also suffer from diseases such as breathing problems, skin diseases, leprosy, and ulcers. Rahu is mainly behind the success or failure of a person. If Rahu is in the place, it can bestow the native with fame and courage. 

There are many Vedic remedies to reduce their negative impact of the Rahu dosha, there are certain remedies which needed to be followed, such as:

•   Rahu Graha Shanti- Chanting the Beej Mantra 18000 times can be of great help. 
•   Fasting on Saturdays to reduce the malefic effect of this planet 
•   Donating food such as rice to poor and Brahmins 
•   You can help someone with leprosy or such diseases
•   Helping a poor person with his daughter's marriage ceremonies financially 
•   Feeding
rotis to crows and other birds 
•   Keeping a Rahu Yantra can also help in appeasing Lord Rahu 
•   Puja and homams with the help of a learned Purohit can further slow down the negative effect in your life.

If you need to completely reduce the malefic effects of this planet, you can consult a well-learned priest for Rahu dosha nirvana. An astrologer or Purohit can help you by exactly telling what this puja suggest and take care of the bad effects of Rahu. Performing puja with proper methods is important in order to come out with the positive effects in the life of the devotee. If your Rahu is in a very bad position and you need to reduce the disturbance in life that it is creating, you can perform Rahu Dosha Nirvana puja.


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