Which day is for which god?

Which day is for which god?

According to the Hindu religion tradition, every day of the week is dedicated to some God. Those devotees who are dedicated to worship of God, believe in worshiping god according to the already prescribed days.

So if you want to worship your favorite God then you have to dedicated a day for them.

On Monday - You may have seen that on Monday there is a lot of chaos in Shiva's temple. This is because it is written in Shiva Purana. Monday, you will be seen in a temple of Lord Shiva. This day Lord Neelkanth is worshiped. They are offered milk, rice and sugar.

Tuesday- It is believed that Lord Hanuman was born on Tuesday. Therefore, on Tuesday, their worship has special significance. On Tuesday, all the desired desired results are achieved by worshiping Shri Hanuman ji.

Wednesday - In the Hindu religion traditions on Wednesday, the origin of all pleasures is the day of worship of Lord Ganesha, he is the lord of wisdom. On Wednesday, there is special significance to get rid of  anxiety and misery by performing Lord Ganesha Puja.

Thursday - Lord Vishnu is worshiped on Brahaspati vaar. On this day worship of Lord Vishnu & Lakshmi ji, is also worshiped. If you want to change fortune or want to have  lot of money then you should worship them on Thursday.

Friday - Maa Durga ji and all her avatars are worshiped on this day.

Saturn - If your condition is poor, you can worship Lord Shani Dev in the temple on this day and appease him. Lord Hanuman and Kali Mata are also worshiped on this day.

Sunday - The worship of Lord Sun is done on this day. In order to worship them, in the morning you will have to read the Gayatri Mantra and pour water to lord surya.

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