Devi Katyayani

Devi Katyayani Book Puja in just: 3500

Devi Katyayani

The 6th of the day of Navratri festival is dedicated to Devi Katyayani. In this form of Shakti 4 arms, she has shield, a sword and lotus and fourth hand is in blessing gesture. She mounts on Lion.

Goddess Durga’s sixth from appeared as a daughter to sage katyaayana. She came to be named as ‘katyaayana’ as she was the daughter of sage Katyaayana.

As soon as Devi Katyayani was born, she assumed a massive and huge form. Seeing her universal form, sage katyaayana recline to her with great obeisance and worshipped her for 3 days from the Bright seventh to ninth. Having accepted the worship of the sage, Devi Katyayani killed demon Mashisha.

Devi Katyayani can give everything to her adorer. She is easily satisfy by devotion and destroys all sins of her adorers. Her worship is effectors to dharma, pleasure, wealth and salvation.

Benefits of the Devi Katyayani Puja:

Removes, all and every sorts of obstacles in marriage.
Mangal Dosh are removed and eliminated
Enables to get the desired partners
Brings harmony in life 
Gives courage
Helps in getting children

Chant this mantra to worship Goddess Katyayani :

कात्यायनि महामाये महायोगिन्यधीश्वरि ।
नन्द गोपसुतं देविपतिं मे कुरु ते नमः ॥

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