Devi Skandamata

Devi Skandamata Book Puja in just: 3500 / 54

The Fifth day of Navratri is dedicated to Devi Skandamata. When the Goddess Parvati became mother of “Kartikeya”. Her Son Kartikeya is also known as Skanda. Thus she is known as Skandamata.

She possesses Four Arms, in Upper 2 hands she hold lotus flower. One of her hand is hold her son Skanda in her lap and keep the other, she in abhaya Mudra. She is also known’s as “Padmasana” because she sits on the lotus. She mounts on the lion.

Devi Skandamata who makes the brilliance of the sun fulfills all the desires of her adorers. He who is selflessly adorered to her, attains all the achievements and happiness of life. The worship of Devi Skandamata depurate the heart of a adorer. While worshipping her, her adorer should have absolute control over his mind and senses. He should free himself from worldly bandhan and adorer her with a single-pointed constancy.

Benefits of the Devi Skandamata Puja:
The Skandamata puja done on the fifth day of Navaratri will purify the heart of the devotees and bless them with wisdom. 
The devotee will attain name and fame and raise his or her status in the society moving towards success in every endeavour. 
She shows the direction towards moksha and salvation. 
Makes life blissful 
Brings health and wealth  and prosperity 

Chant the Mantra to worship Devi Skandamata…

सिंघासनगता नित्यम पद्माश्रितकरद्वया |
शुभदास्तु सदा देवी स्कन्द माता यशश्विनी ||

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