Guru Purnima

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Guru Purnima is marked by the presence of full moon lying in the month of July-August. This year 2023, Guru Purnima is on 03rd of July 2023 (Monday). It is celebrated because lord Shiva transferred his knowledge of yogic sciences to Saptarishis. The event took place at the bank of river Kantisarovar. Hence Lord Shiva became the first Guru on this day. Guru Purnima is a festival dedicated Gurus and teachers by students. It’s a celebration or thanking a student pays to his/her teacher for the knowledge they have imparted to their students. The Guru-Vidyarthi tradition has been followed since ages. Maharishi Vyasa is worshipped on this day to honor the teachers and Gurus. While the farmers too hail this day as it marks the beginning of a rainy session. The rain is important for their farms and cultivation.

If you are thinkin to improve yourself spiritually then Guru Purnima is the day for your spiritual learning. In fact big Gurus and spiritual leaders perform Sadhna on this day.

A great Sadhguru quoted about Guru Purnima

“Guru Purnima marks one of the greatest moments in the life of humanity. This is a day that is reminiscent of Adiyogi opening up and offering the possibility that a human being can evolve beyond all limitations set by his physical nature, if willing to strive. This first full moon day after the solstice is a time when this planet and all life upon it are most receptive to the cosmic energy and possibilities. The next six months till the winter solstice is the best time to strive for evolving and experiencing the divine possibility that is innate in a human being.” – Sadhguru

Pay respect to your Gurus and teachers. Get their blessings on every stage of life.

Benefits of Lord Guru Purnima Puja

●  This puja protects you from harmful things.
●  This puja relives you from unintended worries and sufferings. 
●  This puja accelerates your career and business growth.
●  This puja give tremendous effects on the Mind, Body and Soul.
●  Empowers you with Positivity.
●  Vanquish your Enemies.
●  For Fulfilling your Desires. 

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