Dhanteras Puja

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The festival of Dhanteras marks the beginning of Diwali celebrations all over India. Dhanteras or Dhanatrayodashi, is one of the most important Hindu religious festivals celebrated in India. ‘Dhan’ means wealth and ‘teras’ means the thirteenth day of the moon cycle. It falls on the thirteenth lunar day of Karthik Krishna Paksha in the Hindu month of Karthik.  Dhanteras is also known as 'Dhantrayodashi' and 'Dhanvantari Trayodashi'. 

Method of Worship Dhanteras

On the day of Dhanteras, first of all, after cleaning the house, worship should be started in an auspicious time. On this day, Lord Kuber, who is the god of wealth and food, is also worshipped. On this day 13 diyas are lit and Lord Dhanvantari, Lord Kuber and Mother Lakshmi are worshiped with incense, lamp, naivedya etc.

There is also a tradition of buying gold, silver and brass utensils on the day of Dhanteras. It is said that Lord Dhanvantari had incarnated with an urn in his hand, so if utensils are bought on this day, then Lord Dhanvantari is pleased and blessings keep showering in your house throughout the year.

How is Dhanteras celebrated?
On the day of Dhanteras, people buy new utensils for their homes. There is also a custom to buy something big on this day, that's why many people buy gold or silver items on this day. At the same time, many people buy a car or some expensive item. It is considered auspicious to buy the worship materials of Diwali like lamps, idols of Lakshmi-Ganesh, brooms, coconuts, clothes etc. on the day of Dhanteras.

In the evening, on this day, Lord Dhanvantari, Kuber, Yamraj, Lakshmi-kuber are worshiped with the rituals in all the houses and sweets and flowers are offered to all. Lamps are lit in the name of all the deities. Wealth and new material are also worshiped in homes on this day. Dhanteras is considered to be the beginning of Deepawali, that is why many people also burn firecrackers on this day.

Dhanteras is marked with the performance of 'Lakshmi Kuber Puja' and Lord Dhanvantari Puja. People sing devotional songs in praise of Lord Kuber and  goddess Lakshmi. They light up tiny diyas to drive all evil spirits away. On the night of Dhanteras, people light the lamps for entire length of the night. Traditional sweets are cooked and offered to the goddess.

Benefit of Dhanteras Puja

●  This puja brings wealth, health and prosperity.
●  Remove all type of Dosha and improve longevity.
●  This puja is done for long life, vital energy and positive results
●  Protect children from health hazards
●  This puja is to promote financial prosperity and stability.
●   It is recommended for overall materialistic and spiritual development.
●   It helps gets rid of monetary issues.
●   Helps grow business and expand new ventures

(EMI Options are also available on Indian Credit Cards)

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