Shani Jayanti

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Saturn (Shani) Jayanti will be celebrated on the 10th of June, 2021, this year to the great Amavasya. On this day special worship of Shani Dev is done. Many mantras and stotra are praised to please Saturn. Saturn is one of nine main planets in Hindu astrology. Saturn runs slowly compared to other planets, so they are also called Shanishar. According to mythology, a lot has been said about Saturn's birth and there is a clear indication of the effect of Saturn in astrology. Saturn planet is the air element and west direction. According to the scriptures, Shani Dev gives special fruit by worshiping Lord Rama and performing rituals on Shani jayanti.

Saturn Birth Stories | Shani Janma Katha

In the context of Saturn birth, a mythological legend is very valid, according to which Saturn is the son of Sun God and his wife is Shadow. After getting married to Sun God, after some time, he got Manu, Yama and Yamuna in the form of three offspring. Thus, some times the noun subsided with the sun, but the term was not able to bear the sun's heat for long, it was becoming difficult for the sun's wife to bear the sharpness of the sun. For this reason, she has left its shadow, leaving the husband in the service of the sun and went away from there. After some time Shani Dev was born from the womb of shadow.

Saturn Jayanti Pooja | Shani Jayanti Puja

On the occasion of Shani Jayanti, worship and fasting is done through following proper rules in the name of Shani Dev. Saturn is done on the day of birth anniversary, and worship of Saturn is helpful in removing all the troubles. In order to worship Shani, the devotee should devote his life to Shani's birth early morning on the day of Shani's birth, and after saluting the Navgirs, establish a statue of Shani's iron and bathe it with mustard or sesame oil and worship the Shodhopodha. ( add shani mantra )

After this, donate things related to Shani Dev, including worship material. In this way, after puja, chant the mantra. To obtain Saturns's grace and peace, sesame, urad, black pepper, groundnut oil, pickle, cloves, teaspotata and black salt should be used, to worship Saturn god, to worship Hanuman ji. In Shani's gifts, black clothes, berries, black ouds, black shoes, sesame, iron, oil, etc. can be donated for the purpose of Saturn.

Shani jayanti importance | Significance of Shani Jayanti

On this day a devotees goes to the Saturn temples. In the main Shani temples situated in India devotees recite prayers related to Shani Dev and pray for liberation from suffering. Shani Dev is said to be of black or black color and hence black color is more loved. Saturn god is beautiful in black clothes. According to religious beliefs, Shani Dev was born on the date of Amavasya of the Month. From the time of birth, Saturn was with Shyam Varna, long body, big eyes and big hairstyles. This is the God of justice, the yogi is absorbed in penance and is always helping others. Saturn is called the god of justice, it gives the fruits of all actions to the living beings

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