Lord Brahma Puja

Lord Brahma Puja Value: 3500 / 54

The Hindu mythology believes that the whole creation of the life took place by the blessings of three gods one of them being Lord Brahma. He is called the creator of life in every sphere of universe. All the Vedas are the oldest Hindu sculptures. They depict and talk about Brahma. Hence he is called the creator of dharma for Hindu religion. It is believed that Lord Brahma is found more in sculptures and carvings than in temples and houses. As a matter of fact, no temple dedicated to Lord Brahma exist in India. The only temple dedicated to him can be found in Pushkar district of Rajasthan. Brahma is called the son of God. He was born with power to create the universe. They story says that a Super human Brahman was responsible for birth of Brahma. The super being first created water. He then poured seeds into water which gave birth to Brahma from a golden egg. While some stories depict that he is self-born. He was born from the navel lotus of Lord Vishnu.

The Hindu mythology depicts Brahma with four heads, four hands and red colored skin. While other gods have weapons in their hand the same does not go with Brahma. He holds a pot, a spoon, vedas and a rosary or lotus in his hand. The ride of Brahma is a white swan holding his beautiful lotus where Brahma resides. The swan has the ability to separate milk from the mixture of milk and water.

It is believed that Brahma resides in Brahmalok where all the creators of world reside.

It is believed that Brahma married his own daughter Saraswati. Also he is being cursed with not being worshipped anywhere. Hence there is no temple around the world dedicated to his followers or him.

Hail the name of lord Brahma for blessings.

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