Lord Shiva Puja

Lord Shiva Puja Value: 3500 / 54

Lord Shiva is the most powerful of all the gods. He is considered to be the destroyer according to Hindu mythology. Shiv also known as Mahadev, Pashupati, Bhole-Nath is considered to have a wide impact and complexity in Hindu culture. Least to say that Lord Shiva is kept separate from other Gods and Goddesses as a Shivling in temples. This ling or shivaling represents the unified energy of universe. Hairs tied on the head, a crescent moon tucked in the hairs, a snake around the neck and a stick having damroo in his hand is how we depict lord Shiva. He is considered to be the force behind all the lives existing in this universe.Shiva is considered to highly destructive because of his uncontrollable power. To keep a control on his infinite power, he is fed with drug called opium. Lord Shiva has enormous power and can destroy the whole universe with his third eye. He is called Trimurti when named along Brahma and Vishnu.

Lord Shiva is called the lord of Dance. He is represented as Nataraja in his dance form.

Shiva blue throat also has a story to give a proof. Lord Shiva saved all the worlds and the gods by drinking poisonous drink halahal. This turned his throat to blue and earned him the name of Neelkanth.

Not just gods and humans but demons too were followers of lord Shiv. Ravana and Hrinakashyapa being amongst his greatest devotees gained power by worshipping him. Lord Shiva mantra, “Om Namah Shivay” is considered to be the greatest of all mantra. Chanting of Shiv mantra helps you to achieve good concentration power and gain control over your emotions.

The Benefits of Lord Shiva Puja

Protects from negative influences of Shani.

Keeps away major diseases and improves overall health.

Helps you be more ambitious and achieve professional success.

Brings harmony to your marriage and your family life.

Gives courage to face the various difficulties of life.

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