Guru Chandal Dosh Nivaran Anushthan -

Guru Chandal Dosh Nivaran Anushthan - Value: 45501 / 701

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According to astrology belief, Chandal Yoga is not considered propitious in the horoscope.  It is said that the person who has this dosha in his horoscope, there is upheaval in his life.  Such a person can never remain stable and strong in life.  But if you have this dosha in your horoscope, then there is no need to worry about it because it can be resolved with some puja and anushthan and person can get rid of these troubles. To get rid of Guru Chandal Dosha, the person should get Guru and Rahu's Shanti Path done.  Apart from this, parents should be served. Revering Lord Vishnu at home or in a temple reduces the negative and baleful effects of Guru Chandal Dosh.

How Chandal dosha is appeared in one’s horoscope?

If Rahu is sitting with Jupiter in any house of the horoscope, then it is called Guru Chandal Dosha. Some astrologers believe that if Jupiter aspects Rahu or Rahu aspects Jupiter, Chandal dosha is appeared in the horoscope, but this is not merely correct.  It is also contemplated that whatever planet Rahu sits with, that planet gets eclipsed.  Surya Chandal Dosha with Sun and Mangal Chandal Dosha with Mars are considered, but the most mortal and deadly is considered to be the combination of Guru and Rahu.

What is the baleful effect and impact of this dosha?

This dosha has a baleful effect and consequence on education, wealth, opulence and character.  The native disrespects the elders and may suffer from stomach and respiratory diseases.  It is said that the people of Aries, Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces have more effect of Guru-Chandal Dosha. This type of Dosha makes the devotee life very difficult and trouble full. To eliminates the effect to this dosha one can revered Lord Jupiter-Lord Rahu with full devotion and dedication and in right manner.

Procedure and expedient of Guru Chandal Dosha are-

❖    A devotee should apply saffron, turmeric or sandalwood tilak on the forehead regularly.
❖    A disciple should go to the pond in the morning and feed black whole moong or urad to the fishes to minims the effect of guru Chandal dosha.
❖    Keep a complete fast on every Thursday. Recite Durga Saptashati at night.
❖    Donate yellow things by keeping good character and wear only yellow clothes.
❖    In the Nakshatra of Rahu falling on Thursday, the mantra of Jupiter and Rahu should be chanted in the night or peace should be done. 

Baleful Effects of Guru Chandal dosha are-

● Sorrow comes in life and life seems to shake.
● Losses start happening in business.
● There is a problem in getting a job and even if you get a job, you do not get progress.
● There is family hope.
● Financial problems remain.
● Controversies start happening with the children.

Benefits of Guru Chandal Dosh Nivaran anushthan-

● A devotee get promotion in the job and his work will be grow in the future.
● There is growth and respect in business.
● There is a pleasant relationship with the life partner.
● One can get a healthy life and physical problems of the devotee go away.
● One can become stable in life and get a good future a head.
● This Anushthan also helps the devotee to get a strong reliable bond with the children and there is a good harmony in the family.

Process of Guru Chandal Dosh Nivaran Anushthan 

It is a process of 11 days, where Daily Puja, Prayer, Mantras Recitation, and Homam will be performed. The below-mentioned items will be kept on the altar during this Anushthan.

Energzied Lord Brihaspati Yantra
Energzied Lord Rahu Yantra
Puja Japa Mala
Prasad which include Moli and prasad. 

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