Lord Hanuman Puja

Lord Hanuman Puja Value: 3500 / 54

Lord Hanuman is an incarnation of Lord Shiva and is also known as Eleventh Rudra Avatar. Lord Hanuman puja is extremely important to devotees who are under Lord shanidev influence for seven and half year. People place “sindoor” on lord Hanuman statue and offer “ladoos”. The “sindoor”, from the statue of Lord Hanuman is given as offering to the devotees.

He is one of the most famous Lord Shiva avatars and also a great Lord Rama Bhakta. Tuesday is considered the most auspicious day for worshipping Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman puja is really beneficial for those who want to attain wisdom, knowledge and strength. The worship of Lord Hanuman cures illness and provides courage to fight the illness.

This puja is performed to attain wisdom, knowledge and strength. It is done for longevity and cure from any kind of illness. This Homam is highly recommended for good health. It is also performed to appease badly placed Saturn in one’s horoscope.

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