Lord Hayagreeva homam

Lord Hayagreeva homam Value: 3500 / 54

Lord Hayagreeva is worshiped for learning, focus and memory power. Hayagreeva Homam is particularly performed for the students to get blessings from god Hayagreeva to extemporize their scholarly rank and to boost up their career life. This homam can be performed by the experts like instructors, educators, scientists or spiritual persons who are into the world of knowledge. 

This homam is done to improved the situation  for god Hayagreeva followed by the sound of Hayagreeva Mantra and after that homam is performed.

Benefits of Performing Hayagreeva Homam?
This is one of the best homam done within 3 months before any exams . Book yourself onlinepuja.com for Hayagreeva Homam. This homam is done by our well-versed purohits. You can perform Hayagreeva Homam every month to get the maximum benefits.

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