Lord Kala Bhairava homam

Lord Kala Bhairava homam Value: 3100 / 48

Lord Kala Bhairav is the as one of the intense appearances of god Shiva. He is known as the guard of all Shiva sanctuaries and his vehicle is the dog. He is the most powerful form of all the Bhairavas. 

This homam is performed for god Kala Bhairav following by the chorus sound of god Kala Bhairava Mantra and afterward, homam is performed to get the blessings from Lord Kala Bhairav.

The benefit of Kal Bhairav Homam

This Homam will ward off all evil and ill effects and bring godly benefits to us.
To remove any Astrological Dosha’s and to ward off evil.
To Remove black Magic misery will all vanish with Lord Kal Bhairav blessings.
Will reduce misery caused by putting last rites on yearly rites to ours.
To keep us defended against future dangers and hardships.

Book yourself onlinepuja.com for Lord Kal Bhairav Homam to take all the benefits of this homam. This homam is done by our well-versed purohits. You can perform Kal Bhairav homam every month to get the maximum benefits.

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