Maa Durga Homam - Freedom from dangers in life

Maa Durga Homam - Freedom from dangers in life Value: 2500 / 39

Goddess Durga is the epitome of the supreme power who protects the honesty in the creation. The Sanskrit word Durga means a stronghold or place that is secure and thus difficult to reach. Durga, also called the Divine Mother, protects humanity from malice and despair through destructive hatred compulsions, for example, childishness, desire, prejudice, contempt, resentment and conscience.

Importance of Durga Homam

Durga Homam is the most prominent and fiercest Homam among all the Homas. An alternate wild manifestation of Goddess Durga, the Destroyer of power, malice! Whatever ill luck, adversity or ill luck in your life, it can blur all your issues without a moment's delay and for all. Ask for gifts from Goddess Durga to live the best life ever. She is the common set of energies of all beings in this universe. By doing Durga Homa one becomes free from all kinds of black magic, evil eye, obstacles, negative energies, bad karma and is bestowed with a lasting health and prosperity.

Some of the main Benefits of Durga Homam

●  Freedom from malaise, anxiety, dangers and eradication of the effects made by the planet.
●  By removing the discomfort caused by enemy qualities, it will provide extraordinary prosperity, wealth, long life and a healthy body.
●  This Homam is very powerful to nullify the effects of curses, witch-crafts, and black magic spells.
●  Keep away bad karma to find peace and bliss in life.

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