Ketu Puja

Ketu Puja Value: 3500 / 54

Ketu is also referred to as Dragon’s tail and Ketu Puja is dedicated to appease the planet Ketu. Ketu puja is recommended to those having Ketu being wrongly placed in their horoscope. Ketu puja evict effects of snakebite and illness arising due to poison. Ketu puja grants wealth, sound health and all round prosperity. Planet Ketu is the indicator of Spirituality, knowledge, leprosy, fantasy, wisdom, intelligence, invisibility and psychic abilities. Planet Ketu is in favour of Planet Mercury, Saturn, Venus and Rahu. Planet Ketu stay 1 Year 6 month or 18 Month in each Graha.

This Puja controls the malefic effects of the planet Ketu (The Dragon’s Tail). This Homam is recommended to those who are stricken with fear of robbery, loss of money and bad habits. This puja is performed for good wealth, health and all round prosperity.

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