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Ladoo Gopal Anushthan is very fruitful for the devotee to get contentment in life. Ladoo Gopal ji is revered, with the wish of happiness and beatitude of children, good future of children, glee and peace in the house, wealth and grains. It is believed that there is a feeling in this Anushthan that Ladoo Gopal ji, now this house is not mine – it is yours. You are its owner, its protector, its protector everything. Whatever will happen will be with your blessings. This is the true feeling of the devotee after erected Ladoo Gopal in the house.

Why people worship Ladoo Gopal?

It is believed that Ladoo Gopal brings joy, contentment, affluence and good luck to the family members. Also, the arrival of Ladoo Gopal in your house signifies that Shri Krishna is pleased and wants to come to your house himself. This childhood manifestation of Shri Krishna should be treated like a child. It is regarded that people do Ladoo Gopal anushthan for the child birth. This Maha Puja of 11 days is performed to pray for a safe pregnancy and child birth. It is performed by couples who are childless or who have difficulty in conceiving. It is contemplated that Ladoo Gopal is revered for the betterment of good future of children, happiness and tranquility and harmony in the house. That's why their worship and service have great importance. Ladoo Gopal should be bathed daily in the morning and the bath water should be according to the season. i.e., hot water in winter and cold water in summer. If the parents are having difficulty in conceiving, by doing this ritual, the child will be born. This ritual helps a lot if there is any hindrance or delay in conception. safe progeny is ensured This ritual not only helps in getting a child but also increases the self-confidence in the person and gives him the power to succeed. This ritual ensures all round success and positivity in life for the self and the child.

Benefits of Maha anushthan of Ladoo Gopalam

● Revering Ladoo Gopal develops spirituality and the mind always remains calm and compose.
● By worshiping Ladoo Gopal, a person gets desired success and affluence.
● Whichever house has the idol of Ladoo Gopal, that house belongs to that Ladoo Gopal only. Therefore, worshiping him as the main member of the house protects the house from bad eyes and convoy harmony in the family.
● Ladoo Gopal is worshiped and taken care of just like taking care of a child. Bathe them on time, wear new clothes, apply sandalwood, make up, offer bhog and put them to sleep. By doing all these things only the grace of the Lord is attained and you get the blessings of him.
● Revering Ladoo Gopal fulfills the aspiration of a child.
● Positivity and alacrity spreads in the house by worshiping Ladoo Gopal.
● Worshiping Ladoo Gopal increases self-confidence in the mind.
● By worshiping Ladoo Gopal, there is no disease and sorrow in the house.
● This Anushthan also helps the couple to conceive a child if there is facing trouble regarding this.

Process of Ladoo Gopalam Maha Anushthan 

It is a process of 11 days, where Daily Puja, Prayer, Mantras Recitation, and Homam will be performed. The below-mentioned items will be kept on the altar during this Anushthan.

Energzied Ladoo Gopalam Yantra
Puja Japa Mala
Prasad which include Moli and prasad. 

(EMI Options are also available on Indian Credit Cards)

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