Lord Pashupati Puja

Lord Pashupati Puja Value: 3500 / 54

Pashupati means the 'Lord of Animals'. Pashupatiis an incarnation of Lord Shiva. It is believed that the one who carries out homaregarding Pashupatinath is greatly benefited in a materialistic way and all the financial problems and crises die out permanently.

Lord Pashupati originated when Lord Vishnu and other Gods named Lord Shiva as Pashupati. At the time of Tripura Samhar, Shiva became the Lord of Demons and destroyed Tripura, the three cities of illusion that was being ruled by asuras Kamlaaksha, Taarakaaksha and Vidyunmaali who were wreaking havoc by attacking Gods and sages. It is believed that humans who are blinded by their own ego and are untouched by the pain and emotions of others, are also animals, by worshipping Lord Pashupati, they can attain liberation.

Benefits of Lord Pashupati Puja
1. Performing Pashupati Puja helps in overcoming obstacles and barriers in life.
2. Helps you attain success and win over one’s enemies.
3. Liberates one from evil eyes and curses.
4. This puja also supports a person in getting victory over Enemies and in Court Cases.
5. Worshipping of Lord Pashupati Puja is beneficial for blessing of a child. 
6. Blesses one’s life with positivity and happiness.

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