Lord Yam Puja

Lord Yam Puja Value: 5100 / 79

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As per Hindu mythology god Yam helped mankind to find a place to dwell after life, hence he is known to be the god of death. Yam is also known to be first person who died and so became the ruler of the dead souls. Deity Yam was paired with twin sister Yami and he mounts on water buffalo. He is also known to be the god of justice and is closely associated with Agni who is the performer of the deceased. In Rigved, Agni is preached to god Yam and is also said to be friendlier of Yam. In Zoroastrianism the god Yam is called as Yima, in Hinduism, he is also known as Lord of Pitras. Lord Sun is the known to be the father of Yam and Sanjana is mother as per Vishnu Purana. In the month of Karthika on the occasion of Yam dwiteya the devotees offer special prayers to god Yam.

Importance of worshipping Yam in our life

It is said that chanting mantra of God Yam gives a peaceful death to the human being and get rid from all the sufferings. To worship God Yam on Yam dwiteya devotees take a bath and pour oil in deep, and special pooja Ayusha Suktam is performed for long health. Devotees perform homam with ghee which is offered in the fire. 

Lord Yam Mantra 

"Om Suryay Putray Vidmahe Mahakalay Dhimahi |
Tanno Yama: Prachodayat ||"

(EMI Options are also available on Indian Credit Cards)

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