Maa Kali Anushthan

Maa Kali Anushthan Value: 40500

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Maa Kali Anushthan

Maa Kali is the ferocious and fearful form of the mother goddess. Maa Kali is represented with the fiercest features amongst all the other goddesses. She is depicted as having four arms with a sword in one hand and the head of a demon in another. The other two hands bless her worshippers. Kali is the Goddess of time and change. Kali is Adi Mahavidya and primary Mahavidya. She is the first and the foremost among the Mahavidya and is best worshipped by doing Maa Kali Anushthan. Even before the Mahavidya sect came into being, she was a major goddess with a large following of devotees immersed in her mythologies, hymns, and songs. She is the most important of the Mahavidyas and considered prime in the religion. It is said, the Mahavidya tradition is centered on Kali and her attributes as Kali is the epitome of the Mahavidya.

When the people face Saturn (Shani) or mahadasha in their life, Shani sadeeshati, Shani or any place in kundali gives evil effect to the life of the individual. All the individual facing problem in family life or parents are advised to go for Maa Kali Anushthan for getting the grace of Maa Kali and remove the evil effect of Saturn as soon as possible.

If Saturn is malicious the person can be greatly disappointed and suffer from stomach related diseases, he may lose wealth and health, can be frivolous in love, face cough, trouble related to ear and diminished vision, face an accident. In case the Saturn is sitting in 7th house of the birth chart is shrewd and has a long life. A person faces troubles in his life with respect to his wife, son, and friends. He might also be unsuccessful in all his works and feel disappointed all the time. He might suffer many mental and physical problems in his whole life, so if you want to remove the above evil effect from your kundali then you have to do by Maa Kali Anushthan.

Benefits of performing Maa Kali Anushthan

Maa Kali is the essence of the existence of the world. All the qualities of life, the light and the dark, beautiful and the fearsome are united and reconciled in Maa Kali. She protects the person from following cases in life:

1. Black Magic and evil spirits.
2. Incurable diseases and prolonged illness.
3. Enormous debts leading to extreme poverty.
4. Betrayals, obstructions, and losses in personal and professional life.
5. Defamation originating through unknown causes.
6. Unfortunate and traumatic events.

It is a process of 11 Days comprising of Daily Puja, Prayer, Mantras Recitation, and Homam would be performed. The following Items will be kept on the altar during this Anushthan and send to you afterwards as prasadam:

Maa Kali Yantra
Puja Japa mala of Rudraksha 
Prasad which include Roli, Moli and Homam Vibhuti

(EMI Options are also available on Indian Credit Cards)