Maa Kamala Anushthan

Maa Kamala Anushthan Value: 11500

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Maa Kamala Anushthan

Goddess Kamala is the embodied energy of Lord Vishnu and a companion in all the divine activities of Mahavishnu. Maa Kamala Anushthan, in reality, is the worship of Shakti (Power) the root cause of the existence of this world. Without her blessings, a man's life becomes full of misfortune and miseries. It is not only the humans but other deities, the Gandharvas (Supernatural celestial beings) and the demons that are eager to have her blessings. 

The Significance of Maa Kamala Anushthan 

Maa Kamala Anushthan helps to cross the hurdles and obstacles of life occurring due to a foul planetary position of Venus. Regular mantra chanting not only helps gets rid of troubles during the malefic period of the planet Venus but also cuts down the span of time of the mahadasa.

Her worship gives victory, splendors, wealth, and good health venus planets remove evil effect because venus planets are sadahak of Maa Kamala when the venus planets are given evil effect any horoscope then the person may face much trouble such as the health of wife can suffer and other mental problems. 

Who should one perform Maa Kamala Anushthan? 

Tough luck and unfavorable conditions 
Short of material possessions
Bankruptcies and failure in business 
Critical illness and organ dysfunction 
Malefic period of Venus 


Goddess Kamala is one of the most powerful goddess to increase your wealth and make you rich in a short time period. A devotee can also get rid of misfortune and even a poor. Unfortunate can reach the highest of material success by doing the sadhna of this Goddess. It also removes the malefic effects of planet Venus (Shukra) and by doing this sadhna with full devotion it cannot fail to produce its effects.
The advantage of Maa Kamala Anushthan is beneficial for a person who has no children for a long time or childless couple. Venus planet removes evil effect in the kundali and who Venus is not good should do most of this Anushthan along with chanting the mantra.

It is (3) Days process and Daily Puja, Prayer, Mantras Recitation, and Homam will be performed.

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