Maa Santoshi Puja

Maa Santoshi Puja Value: 5100 / 79

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Santoshi Mata is worshiped in the Hindu religion as a mother of contentment, happiness, peace, and prosperity. According to religious beliefs, Mother Santoshi is the daughter of Lord Ganesha. Contentment is very important in our lives. If there is no satisfaction, then the person becomes very weak and physically weak. Santoshi mother gives us satisfaction and brings joy to our lives.

By worshiping Mata Santoshi, worship of wealth, marriage, physical pleasures increases. This fast is started from Friday. 

Santoshi Mata Fast Method 

Before sunrise on this day, after cleaning the house, sprinkle the Ganga water in the entire house. After this, after being diluted by bathing etc., place a statue or image of Mother Santoshi at a solitary place in the north-east direction of the house, keep the complete worship material and pure water in a large vessel. Put another vessel filled with jaggery and gram on a water-filled vessel, worship it with the law of contented mother.

After this, listen to the story of Santoshi Mata. After that, make a paste of jaggery and gram flour for all. In the end, sprinkle large water in the house and place the remaining water in the Basil plant. Similarly, keep regular fasting on Friday 16th. Immerse the fast on last Friday. On the day of immersion, after worshiping Santoshi Mata by the above method, give food to Kheer-Puri to 8 children and give them Dakshina and prasad. Eat your own food at the end.

What Not to do during Santoshi Mata Vrat 

There should be no sour cheese, pickle and sour fruits in the food. People of the fasting family also do not eat any sour thing on that day. Prices of jaggery and gram should also be eaten by themselves.

What to do on fasting
Mata Santoshi is the law of fasting till 16th Friday, with the wish of happiness and good fortune.

* Get up before sunrise and clean the house etc.
* After bathing, place a statue or picture of Mother Santoshi at a beautiful and holy place in the house.
* Keep a Kalash filled in front of Mother Santoshi. Fill a bowl over the jar and keep jaggery and gram.
* Burn the lamps of ghee before the mother.
* Offer gifts to mothers, flowers, fragrant smell, coconut, red cloth or chunari.
* Please allow Santoshi to eat jaggery and gram.
* Launch the story of Mother and Santoshi Mata Ki Jai' should be able to speak with the mouth. 

Telling the story of this fasting and keeping the grind and grilled gram in hand while listening. The person who is listening to 'Santoshi Mata Ki Jai' should be able to speak with the mouth. When the story ends, feed the cow's hand and gram to the cow. Divide all the good and gram on top of the Kalash as offerings. Before the story, fill the Kalash with water and put a bowl of good and gram on it. After finishing the narrative and after the aarti, sprinkle the water of the Kalash at all places in the house and keep the water in the basin of the basil. Take a good mile from the market and if you are in a good house then take it through the same work. The fasting person should fast with the reverential heartedness of love and love.

Benefits of Maa Santoshi Puja

This puja can resolve the relationships and love related problems. 
Saving the marriage as people seeking a divorce can possibly reconcile.
Financial issues like debt can be resolved and you get more financial stability.
The bad impact or influence of black magic can be reduced.
An effective remedy for people facing career failure.

It would be good if you do fast for 16 Fridays and also one can perform the Maa Santoshi Puja on Friday with our well versed Priest so their all the desire will be fulfilled.

(EMI Options are also available on Indian Credit Cards)

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