Maha Chandi Homam

Maha Chandi Homam Value: 5100 / 79

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Chandi (Kali) Homa is a sacred fire ritual dedicated to Goddess Chandi one of the most powerful one for getting overall Success in all undertakings and also for removal of all kinds of Doshas and Obstacles in one’s life. She is the primordial energy responsible for creation, sustenance and destruction of this entire cosmos. It is said that chanting of Chandi Puja and path during the negative phase of life invokes Goddess Kali to bestow you with power to overcome all your difficulties and negative factors. Chandi (Kali) Puja and path is recommended for anyone who is suffering from negativity of black magic, bhoomi dosha (Vastu-Chandi Hom) etc. It helps us attain success in business by overcoming cut throat competition, and eliminates our enemies.

By worshipping the Mother of the universe through this fire ritual, you can become free of evil eyes, curses, obstacles and be blessed with a lasting health, wealth and prosperity. A Chandi (Kali) Homam is an ultimate prayer to Maa Kali (also known as Maa Chandi) which can be extraordinarily beneficial to us for removing all kinds of Obstacles and help us achieve our goal in life by clearing all our problems in life as per Ancient Vedic Texts. Hence, if you have a question in mind about "How to solve your problems in life", then a Chandi Homa is an ultimate answer.

Benefit of Chandi (Kali) Homam

To overcome obstacles and win over the enemies
It is useful for getting success
It overcome all suffering
It fulfilling all desires
It gives strength and removing all danger.
It minimize planetary influence
It give relief from all kinds of dosha

(EMI Options are also available on Indian Credit Cards)

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