Moon (Chandra) Mantras Recitation

Moon (Chandra) Mantras Recitation Value: 5151 / 80

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The Moon (Chandra) governs water, veins, eye, blood, chest, generative system etc. The Moon (Chandra) mantra recitation has the power to provide all material comforts. It showers us with faith, devotion, peace and happiness. Moon is a very sensitive and mutable planet. Moon represents not only responsiveness but also inertia.

Benefit of Moon (Chandra) Mantras Recitation: –

The mantra when energized makes us feel more connected to Lord Moon (Chandra).

It has the power to reduce physical as well as mental problems to achieve goals in life.

Moon (Chandra) mantras recitation is suitable for controlling emotional issues to a wider extent.

This mantra recitation helps those desiring to improve their strength and courage level.

This mantra makes way for removing the karmic dosha issue in an effective manner.

Moon (Chandra) Mantras:-

“Om Shram Shrim Shraum Sah Chandraya Namah”

“Om Kshira puthraya Vidhmahe Amrithathvaya Dheemahe Thanno Chandra: Prachodyat”

The above mantra can be chanted for the pacification of Planet Moon (Chandra).

Total number of chanting= 11000 Times

(EMI Options are also available on Indian Credit Cards)

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