NavGraha Puja

NavGraha Puja Value: 5100 / 79

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Navgraha Puja is performed for the wellness and stability of all the nine planets of your life. “Nav” means nine while “graha” means planet. These 9 grahas or planets influence our past, present and future. Hence it is important to have peace among all the grahas for wellness, peace and prosperity.

Dosha or negativity is known as the absence of proper alignment of an individual’s planet. These Doshas lead to mood swings, hamper success and act as a barrier between happiness and the individual. The period of the bad patch or Dosha may vary depending on the power of the planet which is not aligned properly.


Navgraha pooja is conducted to achieve happiness, prosperity and success by the alignment of these planets or removal of these doshas. It provides people with excellent courage and power to face toughest situations.

Nine Planets and their influence on human kind:


Surya or Sun is the most powerful planet. It is ruled by god Siva or Shiva.

Source: good health and prosperity.

God: Siva


Moon is the planet of love, success and happiness. It pleases everyone around and brings prosperity.

Source: Love, happiness and success

God: Goddess Parvathi


Mars is the planet of prosperity and wealth. It is ruled by Angaraka which is considered as the supreme god of character. Lord Angaraka is known as the son of earth. His strength and character is being followed by Romans as well.


Planet of wisdom, knowledge and intelligence Mercury is considered to be greatest among all planets. It is ruled by Lord Vishnu, god of wisdom and wealth.


Jupiter or Brahispati is the planet of education and knowledge. As the name suggests, Jupiter is the lord of all the planets. Just like a teacher, the planet is responsible for eliminating negative energies around you and enlightening you with knowledge and power. The planet is ruled by Lord Dakshinamurthy.


The planet symbolises art, music and other forms of creativity. The planet is ruled by Goddess Lakshmi.


The planet with rings symbolises happiness. The position of Saturn is likely to affect your stars and horoscope. The planet is ruled by lord Yama.


Rahu is responsible for making your life a better place. It turns your enemies into friends making your life stronger and prosperous.


The planet of prosperity and eliminating curses from a devotee’s life is the role of Ketu. Wealth, health and success are the gifts of Ketu.

(EMI Options are also available on Indian Credit Cards)

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