Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja

Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja Value: 5100 / 79

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When the soul of the ancestors and departed forefather does not get peace then Dosh is experienced by the related in their horoscope. This Dosha is referred as ‘Pitra Dosha’. The 9TH house in a horoscope is called house of Father, Dharma. When 9TH house is under the malefic planet, this will should the lack of fulfillment of paternal desire. There would be certain kind of situation is very dangerous for the people which have Pitra Dosha in their horoscope. You may be frustrated with origin of some unknown problems. This could be made you relationship weak. Problem in child conceiving may happen. The children may fall sick in some intervals. You may also experience negative vibes in your work-place or at your home. You will not get profit on working. The losses in your career and life will make you unhappy and depressed.

Pitra Dosha Nivaran is performed to remove hurdles in the way to success. This puja is recommended for those having Pitra Dosha in their horoscope.

Benefit of Pitra Dosha Nivaran Puja

1. This puja one can get a lot of benefit like success, marriage, progeny, overall harmony, business growth, Job promotion etc and lot of material benefits by keeping the Pitra happy and satisfied.
2. This puja is also done for remove all dosha and success in the way of your path.
3. It helps to revive back the good fortune and thus receiving positivity all around.
4. This puja is beneficial to recover the bad condition in the family and lead a successful and progressive life again.
5. It also removes hurdles in the professional & career life by providing greater opportunities to progress.

Pitru Dosh Nivaran Mantra

|| Om Pitrabhyah devatabhyah mahayogibhyech cha, 
Namah sawaha swadhyaye cha nityamev namah ||

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