Rahu Puja

Rahu Puja Value: 3500 / 54

Rahu is a rough planet. This planet has no indication and signal in natural wheel perhaps it affects the horoscope of the individual by becoming representative of the place he held on the horoscope. If rahu take the place of the wild and cruel place in the horoscope than it will give the adverse affect to the individual. Rahu is one of the planets among the navgraha which affect the life of an individual in various aspects. This planet has no such solid existence and remains only as the Northern lunar node, the Northern point of intersection of the orbits of the Sun and the Moon. That’s why this planet is regard as the contour planet and black in color. It is also view that the benefits rahu give are no other planets give. Rahu is a baleful planet but also a lavish and munificent provider who can make your life comfortable and joyful and give you stuff advantages. Si if you do the rahu puja with full gratitude you can lead the desirable life. 

There are some signs which shows that your rahu planet is weak are that there house is always having a dust and grimy and they are atheist in nature and always being stubborn and their nature are very aggressive. They are becoming weak in studies and have no particular and common goal. They also becoming alcoholic and having bad habits. The individual also suffering from diseases related to stomach like food poisoning and vomiting. You can also suffer from financial stability and you also wander your path and goal. It will also create hurdles in your life and lot of distraction and it makes your mind anxiety. You instantly lose your job because of negative effect of Rahu planet. It will also create marriage problems and make your bond weak and makes you violent and angry and your nature become irritating and harsh. So if you want to resolve all the problems related to the rahu planet you have to do the rahu puja with full emotions and in properly way so that you can get benefits of the worship.

Rahu is also referred as The Dragon head and Rahu puja is performed to appease the planet Rahu.  Rahu puja is recommended for those having Rahu being wrongly placed in their horoscope to dispel the malefic effect of planet Rahu. Rahu puja is performed to save a person from uncertain circumstances and thus making his life prosperous. Rahu stay for 18 Months in each graha.  The Planet Rahu can sometimes bring massive success as it brings determination and focus is to proceed.

Benefits of Lord Rahu Puja are:-
1.    Rahu is suspect to be a patron and contributor who gives you stuff and tangible benefits and things which are sophisticated in essence.
2.    The elegance of this planet gives you all kind of comfort in your life.
3.    The rahu puja also help you to make your life vigorous in many traits of life.
4.    It is also considered that rahu is the planet of unforeseeable so the benefits he give are also unexpected and amazing.
5.    As rahu is the deadly plant in the horoscope but if it sit on the right position in horoscope it will make your life successful and worthy.
6.    This planet also helps you to make your career in politics, photography and IT sector.

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