Sankat Mochan Prasad

Sankat Mochan Prasad Value: 3100

Sankat Mochan Prasad

Lord Hanuman is "Sankat Mochan". Sanket mochan literally means " relief from all problems. Sankat Mochan grants the wishes of his devotees and all his desires gets fulfilled. He gets freedom from all kinds of 'Sankats' i.e. obstacles and problems and attains happiness and prosperity in his life. 

Benefit of Sankat mochan Prasad:-

Will protect you from all the negativity from your life
All the spirits, ghosts and paranormal beings will stay away from you.
All the Navagrah will be in your favor.
Strength and confidence will boost in your life.

Our Purohit ji perform special Lord Hanuman puja for you and then we will deliver the Prasad at your residence. 

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