Santana Gopalam Puja

Santana Gopalam Puja Value: 3500 / 54

Children are nature’s gift for the happiness and love of a family. Lord Krishna is the protector of our lives and so he protected and solve the problems of fertility, prevents the delay in child birth and others complication during pregnancy.

Importance of Santana Gopalam Puja

The Santana Gopalam puja is dedicated to Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna. Santhana Gopalam puja is the lord Krishna in the child form. Santana Gopalam puja is a boon if there are any delays and obstacles in progeny and some complication arise during in pregnancy. This puja is performed for childless couple, who wish to have a child. Santana Gopalam puja will solve problems related to child birth and also progress in child development and growth.

Santana Gopalam puja is not just to beget a child also for expecting parents to have a healthy and an intellectual child. Those who wish progeny and success in endeavors shall attain it by Santana Gopalam Puja.

Benefit of Santana Gopalam Puja

Lord Santana Gopal puja and Homam gifts the couple with children, immense knowledge and good health. This puja is performed, who wish to have a child. It is also removed obstacle or delay in progeny. This puja is done to have a healthy and generous child. It is also done for child development and growth.

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