Shani (Saturn) Puja

Shani (Saturn) Puja Value: 3500 / 54

Planet Saturn is the lord of zodiac sign Aquarius and Capricorn. Saturn or shani Puja is done to appease planet Saturn. Worship of Shani is sought for mental peace and to get rid of various diseases. Saturn (Shani) reminds us of our responsibilities, our commitment and our boundaries. Shani can be considered to be a mischievous planet. It is also believed that shani can make a person, a king or beggar according to the native’s deeds. Saturn (Shani) puja is recommended to people who have saadesati(seven and a half  bad years) or shani as a malefic planet in their horoscope. Saturn (Shani) is indicator of Misery, longevity, sorrow and death, discipline, responsibility, ambition, leadership and authority. A person who sincerely worships shani is blessed not only eviction of worries and problem, but also with the life that one desires.

This Puja controls the malefic effects of the planet Saturn (Shani). This Homam is done to attain mental peace and to wave off various diseases. This puja is performed for a happy life, financial stability and freedom from all worries and problems.

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