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Prayers are beliefs and practices, that seeks to create a bond with god that is omnipotent, by a means of deliberate communication. Prayer can be done privately, with well-wishers and family, and even performed cooperatively with fellow followers. Prayer becomes that medium through which we connect to the divine Supreme Being. People pray in crisis or in troubled time, and pray when happy. There are those who pray the entire day while carrying on their daily activities.

It creates accord between deity and the devotee, it involves rhythmic chanting of mantras, strong verses and hymns and when spoken they take the form of spoken prayer, the concoction of both creates an aura that is par excellence, leaving the worshipper in trance. People pray for varied reason, personal benefit or for others.

Prayers when performed by the common man it is answered directly and indirectly, but when the priests pray with belief and dedication, the deity answers to the prayer directly, in the most spectacular manner. When priest prayers he must take his time and make certain to show proper respect.

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