Shree Yantra Puja

Shree Yantra Puja Value: 6500 / 100

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Shree or Shri Yantra is the symbolic form of God/goddess. Shree Yantra puja is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi. This puja renders comfort from all suffering and provide wealth and fortune. Shree Yantra puja is to attain the blessing of the goddess in the form of fortune, wealth and fulfillment of desires. Shree Yantra puja is performed to gain fame, sound health, success, true spiritual progress and harmony in one’s relationship. It is necessary to follow all the rituals mentioned in the scriptures before beginning Shri Yantra puja.

Shri Yantra Mantra 

"Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamle Kamalalaye Praseed Praseed Shreem Hreem Shreem  Om Mahalakshmaye Namah"

Benefit of Shri Yantra Puja

As this yantra brings prosperity in one’s life it is mostly used by business people. With regular worshipping of Shri Yantra, the financial condition of a person becomes stronger. 

Shree Yantra puja aids in procuring name, fortune, fame, wealth and prosperity in a person life. This Homam is performed for positive changes and finding the true purpose of life. It assists in attaining spirituality and reaching a positive state of mind.

After completion of all the vedic process we would send you the Energized Shree Yantra at your residence. 

(EMI Options are also available on Indian Credit Cards)

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