Shukra Puja

Shukra Puja Value: 3500

Shukra Puja

 Shukra, known as Venus in scientific world. 

Shukra, the Sanskrit for “pure” or “Bright” is the name of the son of Bhrigu and Ushana. He was the preceptor of the “Daityas” and the guru of the “Asuras”. The Shukra puja is dedicated to Shukra Graha or Planet Venus. Shukra puja is advised to those who have a malefic Shukra or Venus in their horoscope. The person will face difficulty and bad luck because of malefic Venus or Shukra. Shukra bestows the devotee with wealth, prosperity and long life. The Venus puja and homam is done for planet Venus that spends one month in each graha and take one year to complete the whole cycle. Shukra also symbolizes love, marriage, spouse, beauty, happiness, art, prosperity, passion and sex. It blesses people with power to control their sense organs and help them to achieve name and fame. Shukra is also the lord of three nakshatras or lunar mansions: Purva Phalguni, Bharani and Purvaashadha.

|| Importance of Shukra (Venus) ||

Shukra has dual leadership over Taurus and Libra. Therefore, it represents two main areas of their life: Money and Love. It plays an important role in experiencing the positive energies from universe to eliminate the health and relationship issues. It imparts positive enhancement to make the love life blissful.

|| Benefit of Shukra Puja ||

Shukra Pooja is done to appease the planet Venus. It is recommended to those, having malefic Shukra or wrongly placed Venus in their horoscope. Performing Shukra Puja increases wealth, prosperity and gives long life. Our purohits perform Venus Puja and Homam for love and happy married life.

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