Simha Sakranti

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Simha Sankranti is the day when Lord Surya Moves from Karka Rashi (Cancer) to Simha (Leo). Simha Sankranti is also known as Simha Sankraman. On this day people worship of Lord Vishnu, Lord Narasimha and Surya Bhagwan. Simha Sankranti as other Sankranti festivals is unique as one is able to expel out darkness from the life on the occasion of Simha Sankranti and usher in an era of prosperity. This festival gives us a message that we should gradually begin to nurture transparency, awareness and knowledge.

What to do on Simha Sankranti:-

Chant The Mantras of Lord Sun: – Lord Sun (Surya) is the source of Energy for the whole universe. By doing Mantra recitation you will find inner peace, excellence in your career and in your higher studies, promotion in your service, growth in your finance etc.

Do Prayers for Lord Vishnu: – Lord Vishnu is considered as the preserver of the universe. Doing prayers for Lord Vishnu can grow your career, give stability in your finance, bring prosperity, peace and wisdom.

Perform Simha Sankranti Puja: – This puja helps you to enhance self esteem and self worth. It will provide courage, will power and strength. Its also protects against heart and nerve disorders.

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