Maha Sudershan Puja

Maha Sudershan Puja Value: 3500 / 54

Maha Sudarshan puja is a powerful Homam for invoking Lord Vishnu blessing for health, wealth, prosperity and peace. Maha Sudarshan Homam is regarded as the best protection from all evils, trouble enemies, fear, health problems and black magic. Sudarshan chakra is the weapon of Lord Vishnu. According to Hindu mythology Lord Vishnu is reincarnated on earth from time to time and destroy the evil in the world. Maha Sudarshan puja is performed on any occasion and it helps to remove all enemies and avoid accidents. This puja also reduces the fear of problems and instill positive energy.

Maha Sudarshan Puja is performed at auspicious events. It is also done for courage, victory and prosperity. This Homam is also recommended for protection from evil, fear and black magic. This Homam removes all the rivals and astrological flaws.

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