Urvashi Apsara Sadhna Siddhi

Urvashi Apsara Sadhna Siddhi Value: 31000 / 477

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Urvashi apsara is also a very beautiful form of apsara which can fulfill all the desire of sadhak by her abilities and powers she can make impossible to possible but at limited way, apsara can give wealth, health, young personality for long time, she can make someone in favor, she can help to win in any work or spiritual task. Lord shiva said once " whose mind is full with negative thought, revenge feelings,or having lust, fear, how can he gets success into tantra marg and sadhna. Whatever is your aim, keep it at side and become pure and holy from mind, spirit and body. To do urvashi apsara sadhna there is no need to go over any mountain and become saint but the basic rules should be followed by practioner.

Urvashi Apsara Sadhana Siddhi is also very effective and you can try this if you want something special in your life. You can start this sadhna on Friday night. You need to wear white clothes and sit in north direction and worship lord Mahadev by offering flowers and scented agarbati. Light seven diyas with cow ghee and chant mantra. 

Those who attain this sadhana, they never face the bad impacts of aging, illness and ailments. They look more pretty and attractive always with the blessings of apsara. If you looks average and sometimes you feel you dull or aged look become the major cause of your failure in your life, then you should not miss this opportunity.

Mantra for Urvashi Apsara Sadhna Siddhi


(EMI Options are also available on Indian Credit Cards)

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