Jupiter Puja

Jupiter Puja Value: 3500 / 54

Jupiter is considered to be the mentor and pedagogue for the individual who teaches the divinity and psychological factors. It is regard that this planet is meant for comfort and prosperity. Jupiter is as similar as supremacy who is the coach, the parson and the fighter for an individual. Lord Jupiter helps you to find the path of truth and give you great knowledge, good mindset, confidence and wisdom. Jupiter is also known as Guru or Brishpati. This planet is one of the favorable and bright planets among all the planets in navgrahas. This planet considered to be the brilliant in learning and give sight for the observation and also give you religious and holy knowledge. Jupiter is one of the biggest planet is solar system so its effects are also very high and valuable. Jupiter is also regard to be the giver of children and luxury so that’s why it is called as putra karaka and dhana karaka. As Jupiter is considered to be the most important and fruitful planet so the people who are blessed with this planet get the best opportunities and the problems are also removed from their life through Jupiter puja. Jupiter is also allowed or permits to repeal all the negative consequences and visitation caused by the other planets. Jupiter constitutes all great holy being and Gurus of the universe and this includes Dakshinamurthy, the teacher aspect of Lord Shiva. It is also contemplate that if an individual did the Jupiter puja with full gratitude than he will received the blessings of Jupiter as well as all the divine Gurus.

Benefits of Jupiter puja are:-

1.    The person who did the Jupiter puja with full emotions gets the benefits of good intelligence and brilliant skills.
2.    It will also help you to achieve success, treasury and stardom.
3.    It will also help you to remove all the negative energy and consequences and purify your soul and mind.
4.    It will also help you to avoid diseases related to fat and chest.
5.    It will help you to gain your interest in numinous and spiritual things.
6.    It will also help you to choose the best path for your future and also give the sight of justice and truth.
7.    It will also help you to increase your status in society and you are well respected by the people in society.
8.    It will also help you to diminish the problem of marriage in female horoscope and give you the comfort life.

If your Jupiter is weak than you can give (chane ki dal) to the cows on Thursday it will help you in studies and career and you can also give jaggery to cows. You can also wear yellow clothes and gold to make your Jupiter strong. If your Jupiter is weak you may suffer from disregard and rudeness from the people and you can also suffer family problems and your bond may also affect and there is no stability and reliability in life. If you want to strengthen your Jupiter planet then do Jupiter puja on Thursday.

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