Rahu Mantras Recitation

Rahu Mantras Recitation Value: 7251 / 112

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Rahu comes from the Sanskrit words ‘Rah’ meaning hidden that refer to something that is mysterious, profound and secret. Lord Rahu is the significator of Creativity, foreign travels, pilgrimage, unusual employments, renunciation and masochism. Rahu is the luck factor behind instant success or failure. Rahu is called a shadowy planet, a chaya graha, as it loves all kind of shadowy activities. Rahu is the plant of inspiration and creativity. A strong Rahu gives an individual, worldly success and power. The harmony of Rahu can give you prestige, popularity and fame.

Benefit of Rahu Mantras Recitation: –

The mantra energizes the strength and positive effects of the planet Rahu and connects to the planet deity.

Recitation of Rahu mantra brings the positive energy and neutralizes the negative effects.

Recitation of this mantra saves the person from lots of unfortunate circumstance thus making the life prosperous.

Rahu Mantras:-

“Om Bhram Bhrim Bhraum Sah Rahave Namah”

“Om nagadwajaya vidhmahe padma hastaya dheemahi thanno rahu: Prachodyat”

Any of the above mantras can be chanted for the pacification of Planet Rahu.

Total number of chanting= 18000 Times

(EMI Options are also available on Indian Credit Cards)

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